Mr. Right Series

This 3-novel series follows Julia and her friends as they navigate college life and all the drama that goes with it. It takes Julia dating Mr. Wrong to finally realize the upside to Waiting for Mr. Right. Even so, Meeting Mr. Right ends up a lot harder than Julia anticipated, and by novel 3, she has to battle one obstacle after another in hopes of finally Marrying Mr. Right. You’re going to love Julia’s story and see that you are not alone in much of what YOU think and feel.

If you are a parent or mentor checking out the series, you’ll love Julia’s story, too, as it gives you plenty of material to discuss with your teen as she navigates some of life’s most challenging years!

"I finished this book in 3 days; I could not put the book down. It intrigued me so much to realize I am not the only girl who probably goes through this stuff, and I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that I am 100% Julia."
- Kendall, age 16
I loved (your novels)! They help us girls see that we’re not alone in any situation, that we go through common things whether we express them out loud or not. I could really relate to the books in a way I hadn’t been able to with others mainly because of how real the situations got and they didn’t simply make things seem like they would be perfect or easy like many I love the direction and the story lines that seem to pull so much into perspective.
- Caley, age 19